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Personal property management

TASUTA kingitus
Teenused ja hinnakiri

Short-term property management (Airbnb, Booking)

Hands-free, complete solution for your property. Guaranteed monthly payments to your bank account.

Long - term real estate management

We will find a reliable and trustworthy  tenant for your property. We will make professional pictures. We will clean it and will market it.

Short-term + long-term real estate management

If you wish to rent your property in the summer months on a daily basis and for 9 months for the rest of the year. Then this package is just for you.

Broker service

Do you wish to sell your property? We can help you. Please contact us.

What is property management fee?         


I had been considering renting out my apartment for a long time. Thanks to Kinnisvarahaldjas (Property Fairy), I have a lot more time with my family. 


Compared to the previous service provider, they are always available. Very good service.


I entrusted them with my AirBnb account. All operations were arranged for me.




Brokerage service

Our goal is to manage the real estate sales process and make our customers' lives more comfortable. Having long-term experience in sales, marketing and real estate as a whole, we dare to say that by selling with us, the owner will get about 5-8% more income for his home than if he had done it by selling it himself.


How to choose a property management service provider?

First of all, you need to find out what services and solutions your real estate needs? Who takes care of water collection, accounting, corridor cleaning, snow removal and other maintenance services? 

 Secondly, bids must be sought from at least a few real estate management companies. It is definitely worth examining whether the customers of these companies are satisfied with the management service provided. Often, the existing management company continues to work with convenience and habit, although in reality they are not satisfied with the service. Real estate management companies offer many different services, but is it always worth considering whether all the services are needed? For example, is it reasonable to pay € 6 a month for the maintenance of one parking space?

Third, decide in favor of a reliable management service that suits your needs and price range. The cheapest service does not always mean high quality. It is important that the apartment association has a competent administrator who has time to deal with your worries!


Why choose a property management service provider?

You can also manage the property yourself if you have the will and time. But in general, all people have a private, working life, and it would probably be much more pleasant to spend time in the company of their family than to prepare an economic plan and an annual report for an apartment building. It is wise to leave some work in the care of professionals and save nerves and time for important activities (such as family and hobbies).


Seltax Real Estate Management offers you a professional, reliable and customer-friendly management service. You don't have to worry about problems managing your property. You can get all real estate management services from one company.

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