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Why is the management fee necessary?

Very often, an administration fee is charged for property management. However, many questions arise. What am I paying for? In fact, everything works. The property manager does nothing. Here are some examples that we have encountered while providing our service:

  1. Constant communication with the client, both by phone and letter, and solving the client's current concerns.

  2. The water emergency and dealing with the insurance company and the plumber and letting them into the apartment.

  3. At 4 in the morning, the customer lost the front door key  moving and duplicating a new key.  

  4. Caring for remote control batteries.

  5. Organizing the replacement of the broken balcony door window package.

  6. Removing constant power outages and ordering an electrician.

  7. Dealing with annoying neighbors.

  8. Providing coffee, sugar, toilet paper or other consumables.

  9. Unclogging the bathroom.

  10. Removal of ants or scale insects that have invaded the apartment and ordering extermination.

  11. Changing a broken bed before new customers arrive.

  12. Posting back forgotten items.

  13. Regulation of winter heating.


Your rental property needs a reliable manager at all times, not just when a customer is staying there. Therefore, it is very important that the manager you choose is available at all times. Choose a reliable partner - Real Estate Fairy.

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